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Connelly SX 02

Notable Features: Claiming that the SX was the first real shaped ski design by any manufacturer, Connelly is proud of the SX’s features. First, a wide tip and tail create enough surface area to make deep-water starts simple and fast with no more drag. Second, the narrow hour-glass shape under the binding makes the ski turn a smooth arc. Third, a stabilizer rail that is built into the tip of the ski holds the ski steady in the water when you’re trying to get up. Finally, they love the fact that this ski isn’t just for the beginner. The SX can run shortline slalom all day in the slalom course at reduced speeds of 22-28 mph.

Best Suited For: The skier who only gets out on the water a few times a year, the skier who experiences difficulty with deep-water starts, the skier with a lower horsepower boat/personal watercraft, or skiers who simply want to cruise around the lake and have fun.




  • Surface Areas: 0.29 square metres
  • Lengths: 1.6 m


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