Mirage Kneeboard


Mirage Kneeboard

The Connelly Skis Mirage Kneeboard is designed to be used by beginners, therefore, it is very easy for you to start riding it because you just have to mount on it and you go on. If you go with your whole family to the water, any member of the family can use it successfully. It is stable and you do not have to strain controlling it when you are in the water.

You just need to be courageous and everything else will work out for you very well because this kneeboard has a terrific performance. The more you continue using it, the more you become skillfull.

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  • Length: 1.32 m
  • Weight 7 kg
  • Eps core with a soft top and hard bottom
  • Heavy duty padded Nylon Knee strap
  • Built in rope hook
  • Contoured pad
  • Padded strap
  • Recommended for beginners


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