Transcend 138


TRANSCEND 138 Wakeboard

“The Transcend is a board that I designed for riders wanting to improve their riding, no matter what their ability level. The board features the CWB innovative fin extensions. These aluminium extensions elongate the moulded-in fins so the rider can adjust the amount of grip they need without slowing down the speed of the board. The shape of the board and the clean, fast bottom design contribute to the speed as well. The Transcend was designed to generate pop off the wake directly under the riders back foot which is the riders centre of gravity. This allows for every bit of that pop to be vertical lift. You get the vert of a 3-stage rocker with the ease of use of a continuous rocker board. It is the best of both worlds. Soft landings we accomplish with a huge centre spine that runs tip to tail, so if you land nose heavy, you are covered. I also added a little more rocker to further exaggerate the soft landings. On the average I take a 45 + minute set 5 days a week so comfortable landings are a huge factor for me.”

-Andrew Adkison

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    1.38 m.
    3.45 kg
    0.43 m
  • Tip/Tail Width
    0.24 m
    Subtle 3-Stage
    0.074 m

Additional information

Weight 3.45 kg
Dimensions 1.38 × 0.43 m


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